la huella


Marisa & Eugenio Cornejo, a two artist show.


The body is the instrument. The body evokes, art practices that interest me invoke emotions, an invisible level of lecture and step out of the impermeability of the experience. Creating a subject that can intervene and take a position in the present moment, out of expectations of domination and control.
The exiled tend to not accumulate things, becoming experts in loosing it all. Things become problematic when you have to be ready to flee at any time.
For this artistic action I want to use my body and some engraving plates my father produce in exile in Bulgaria in the seventies…to symbolize the coming back of my body to my place of origin, as an attempt of transmission of memory dispersed in wandering…
Marisa Cornejo 2012


La huella, foot prints on paper, 40 x 34 cm, 1977, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.