No Monument

Plaza Italia, now Plaza de la Dignidad, is since October 18, 2019
the epicenter of a social outbreak in Santiago de Chile.
In the early hours of Friday, March 13, 2021, the statue on the center of the square was withdrawn.
These images were filmed a few hours later as protesters returned to Plaza de la Dignidad, risking serious damage to their health and physical integrity by tear gas and other police measures.

Size: 16:9, ultra HD
Lenght: 5:21
Images / sound: Marisa Cornejo
News footage: CNN, 13.03.2021
Fixer: Joaquin Figueroa
Editing: Stefan Fretz
Many thanks to: Gene Ray, Anna Papaeti, Joaquin Figueroa, Maximo Corvalán Pincheira, Mireia Sallarès, Nora Gatica Krug, Katya Kasterine, Ana Maya Kasterine, Miguel D. Norambuena