Espai 10, Barcelona, Spain, July 2016

In the Espai 10, Laboratorio de las Artes Contemporáneas, the 19th of July 2016 Marisa Cornejo made a performance that gave birth to the exhibition A Big Bad Fish, a cartography composed by her drawn dreams. A work of self&spiritual-knowledge, consciousness and voice with which she is building a road of emancipation and decolonisation.

The project BAD FISH, ABSTRACT UNIVERSALITY used Espai 10, a medieval small parcel of architecture in el Borne, in Barcelona, as the container of a narration of the experience of the zone of not being.  In the space, the artist used a selection she made with artist Mireia Sallarès of 54 drawings of her dreams . The common tread that united this drawings of dreams done between 2014 and 2016 was the link between security, womanhood and fear.  During the performance that lasted 50 minutes, Cornejo gave voice to the words and images of the drawings while she was hanging them on the medieval walls of the gallerie. In the narration of her dreams  the unconscious unmasks the patriarcal, classist, racist and capitalist powers that are trying to hold her back in alienation as a migrant woman, just to discover that love, womanhood and friendship are the real values of life available for free all the time. The sarcastic and illogical messages of dreams shake the false from the real.