La Huella / L’empreinte

Artist: Marisa Cornejo
Places: Santiago, Chile / Geneva, Switzerland / Plovdiv , Bulgaria
Dates: 2013 – 2015

Between 2013 and 2015, Cornejo did 6 performances going back to some places related to the wounds of her exile. Two of them are places of memory, Escotilla 8 and El Caracol from the Estadio Nacional, the football stadium that after the coup d’etat in Chile was used as the largest concentration camp. There thousands of people were imprisoned and torture, among them the father of the artist, an art teacher, Eugenio Cornejo. Also in the train station of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where she lived with her family in exile between 1977 and 1978, and Geneva. She realized the performance “La Huella” by reprinting with her body the engraving plates done by her father in bulgaria. With this performances she activated the memory of the exiled people that will never return, as her father who died in Mexico in 2002 unable to find a place in an extremely neoliberalized chilean society. She used this performance as a tool to reweave the history of the chilean diaspora, and an attempt to repair the transgenerational trauma of imprisonment, torture and exile still present in our communities.

La Huella 1, performance, Espacio Flor, Santiago, Chile, 2013
La Huella 4, performance, train station, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2013
La Huella 5, performance, Escotilla 8, Estadio Nacional, Santiago de Chile, 2013
La Huella 6, performance, El Caracol, Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile, 2013