Dossier sans suite

Venue: Standard/Deluxe, Lausanne
Dates: september 2008
Curators: Luz Muñoz and Tilo Steireif

The project Dossier sans suite was curated by Luz Muñoz and Tilo Steireif and presented in the art space Standard/Deluxe, in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2008. For that project, I exhibited the 40 letters that shaped the immigrant status of my father until his death in Mexico in 2002, giving account of how administration shapes life. There we can see the results of a law applied to refugees: ‘The law on foreigners requires that applicants arrive directly from the country of persecution for the request of refugee status to be valid in Europe’; a law that statistically leaves the majority of the genuine refugees in limbo until now. These file is the one of the thousands of exiles who would never return to his land of origin and neither will be recognised as a refugee. After reviewing the archive, I felt the need to interview and portray the local “asylum seekers” of the present. People from Somalia, Iraq, Congo, Georgia, Heritrea, who are waiting on the Swiss Foyer d’urgence (Emergency homes) to establish their legal status. I manage to meet them by collaborating as an activist in the Conseil oecuménique pour les réfugiésPoint d’Appui” in Lausanne. In addition, I exhibited a collection of drawings of my dreams that related to the theme I called Symptoms of exile. At the end to that undertaking, I produced the publication Personal, an editorial object that gave an account of the materials and questions raised in the exhibition.

A series of serigraphs about the testimonies of the “Asylum seekers” in the Emergency Homes in Switzerland, serigraphy on cotton paper, 48 x 38 cm, 2009