In 2003 choreographer Marisol Vargas invited a team of architects, visual artist, dancers, actors and anthropologist to produce a performance called “Patchwork, memorias del cuerpo” in Santiago de Chile. The performance addressed the theme of memory in a society recovering from a 17 years long dictatorship. My mission was to design a stage with a very limited budget. Observing my little daughters Ana Maya and Katya playing with my materials, I got the idea of just knotting the cheapest scarfs I could find in the second hand shops. Using the white scarf as a symbol of the struggle for the recognition of the human right abuses by the “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” in Argentina, in this case I use all the colours of scarfs to incorporate all the possible experiences of the bodies under dictatorship, as a means to surrender to all our past. By creating a material net using only the gesture of knotting, I wanted to materialise a wall in which each fragment holded the rest without any external strategy, only the scarfs and the wind created a flexible wall, like a sensible porosity to hold our experience.

Patchwork, Memorias del cuerpo, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile, January 2004