LE POUVOIR DES RÊVES, a workshop with artist Belle Benfield and Marisa Cornejo as part of the project “Sculpture Quotidienne”, a Utopiana, Geneva.

Dreams offer us the space in which to be freely creative…

Dreams also offer us a space to reflect on our deepest desires…

Dreams can respond to our desires, catalyze our creativity and provide us with answers to questions that have evaded us.   

Which plants can aid you in connecting with and remembering your dreams? How can you record your dreams and begin to reflect on their meaning?  How can you support lucid dreaming?

Dreams make something useful out of our fear (Clarissa Pinocle Estés). Dreams offer us a space to be freely creative. Dreams offer us a space to connect with our deepest desires. Dreams allow us to become familiar with the unknown.

If we want to imagine a different future, we need to be comfortable with the unknown.



Photos: Anna Barseghian