Category: 2015

Loterie de la migration

A series of oil paintings done around the images of the game Loteria, a cards set from Mexico, where the artist plays with the images of the lottery as if migrants could predict or control their destiny.

Real Dream

“Real Dream” is an exhibition that reflects on the importance and urgency of using dreams and creative thinking in a time of unprecedented financial, ecological and political crisis. Dreams decolonise our subjectivity living naked the hidden agendas of the apparatus in our micro personal world. Dreams…


AN ART RESIDENCE IN THE DRACAR, RESIDENCE FELIX GUATTARI, GENEVA, OCTOBRE 2015-JUIN 2016 Having done an art residency in the Dracar, Residence Felix Guattari in Geneva in 2015, a place to support psychiatric patients through an ecosophic therapy, by coming to draw my dreams with them…