The micro archive of our exile is a sample of the history of the exiles, a part of humanity that absorbed energy and dust from a large part of the planet. From Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Sweden, Holland and Mexico, the archive collected memory. This archive is my heritage, it was shaped by the forced migration of a trans-generational utopia trapped in the cold-war. An archive that rescues the survival strategies of the Chileans fleeing the first laboratory of neoliberalism. Auratic flows, as Walter Benjamin will name the photographs that can still make us dream of something, hold the imprints and soul shaping experiences of our diaspora. These images form a testimony of a collective history that still claims to be repaired by sharing it. Some of the adults portrayed here died prematurely due to the effects of State Terrorism. This is an archive build in the whirlwind of trauma and shame in an attempt to memorialize the remaining miracles of a defeated revolution.  Being unrecognized as a “real” refugees did not stop the recollection of this archive, it made it more relevant. This material is a proof constructed by us, the surviving refugees.