Venue: Haute École d’Art et Design, Geneva
Dates: June 2014
Exhibition for the Jury of the CCC Master Programme

Atlas Amerika and Atlas Europa are to hand made intervened Atlas printed in the Soviet Union, to do a cartography of the performances La Huella, an ecosophic reparation of neocolonialism, and a project that activates the archive material, photographs, prints and collages done during the performance.
Atlas, a God that holds the milky way, the cosmos, or simply a mountain from where to look at the land is capable to embrace the unity of the territory despite borders. I remember being in El Quemado, in the Mexican dessert and understanding dimensionality. From the top of a mountain we understand space is a sphere and all is connected. The eye helps the mind to imagine the particular people in each folding of the land. Collage is magic, once you add things that seem to share a shape, intention or a motivation they are like magnetized, they attract each other.  There is no coincidence at some point, what needs to be together meets in the map. The post colonial landscape and the impossibility of overtaking it pushes me to work with an Atlas printed in an extinct socialist society. I connect the residual actions of my performance to counteract and mark the neocolonial trauma of prison, torture and forced migration imposed by the extractionist neoliberal society that spread to the territories where we escape.